F30/F80 Basic 4W Upgrade (676)


The Level One upgrade package includes:

  • Preprogrammed DSP processor/amplifier
  • Plug-and-play signal/speaker harness
  • Dedicated power/ground harnesses for battery
  • Amplifier mounting plate
  • 300W subwoofer amplifier
  • Musicar OE-Look Subwoofer Enclosure
  • 10-inch long-travel small-enclosure subwoofer and grille preloaded into the enclosure

*4-way systems available for F30 Sedan and F32 Coupe, and F80 M3 Sedan and F82 M4 Coupe. F31 3-Series Touring, F33 3-Series Convertible, F34 and F36 3-Series GT and 4-Series Gran Coupe, and F83 M4 Convertible are limited to Musicar 3-way upgrades. Contact us for more details. 



Musicar has been using this amplifier/processor in 676 BMWs for almost three years. We bring our years of experience in tuning high-performance DSP-driven audio systems (music systems are our core business, not backup cameras or home theater).

We offer this upgrade in two configurations:

  • 3-way systems, powering the front, rear, and underseat speakers
  • 4-way systems, where we “band-pass” the underseats and add a true subwoofer and dedicated sub amplifier

In either configuration, we ditch the center speaker. It’s playing only mono audio – it’s not getting a “steered”, synthesized vocal channel like in the 688 HK systems. Technically, it’s combining the left channel audio and the right channel audio and playing that summed signal through the center. ¬†This means that sounds which should be coming only from either the left or right sides also come from the center of the dash – ruining the stereo illusion that so many recordings have embedded in them.

Instead, we optimize for the driver’s seat – we use the rarely-used time-arrival and level-matching settings to get a great stereo illusion from the driver’s position (after all, we know that seat’s always occupied!). We also use the definable “parametric” equalization on a speaker-by-speaker basis to get the best driver’s-seat sound possible.

The amplifier uses two different technologies together. Class D outputs are very common in car audio today, since they give us great efficiency and smaller devices. Less common is the Class H power supply – sort of a “continuously-variable transmission” for the power supply of an amplifier. Class H requires a fast microprocessor to monitor the signal coming into the amplifier, and increasing the power delivery capability whenever musical peaks are detected. Since this amplifier uses a DSP IC – basically, a really fast microprocessor – it’s uniquely suited to manage a Class H power supply. The results are 55 watts per speaker of average power (70 watts per into 2-ohm speakers). The front and rear speakers are 4 ohm drivers and the underseat woofers are 2-ohm drivers in the 676 systems, so we end up with 360 watts of usable power (not counting the subwoofers in a 4-way system). This is almost triple the stock amplifier’s power – not enough to smoke the stock speakers, but enough to make a tangible difference in the sound.



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