F22 Add-A-Sub Level One (676/674)


Add-A-Sub Upgrade Level One for BMW F22 2-Series Coupe, F22 M2 Coupe with 676/674

The signal is interfaced with using a plug-and-play harness (no cutting) which we prep for the specific system. Then we send the sub-bass notes to the driver in the Musicar OE-Look Subwoofer Enclosure.

  • Corner-loading gets you more output than a comparable “on-the-floor box”.
  • The “OE-Look” upholstery has been hand-dyed to match your BMW trunk
  • As a Musicar design element, the woofer is recessed 19mm from the outer edge
  • All mounting hardware and wiring is included
Level One
  • 300 watts RMS for the subwoofer
  • active crossover filter
  • plug-in integration harness prewired
  • loaded enclosure with 10-inch high-fidelity subwoofer and metal grille



Application Notes

This package  is for F22 2-Series and M2 coupes. It does not fit convertibles. 

The installation is plug-and-play to the HK or HiFi original-equipment amplifier, and our equipment rack bolts into existing trunk holes. The turn-on wire requires a single connection, without cutting. There are two holes to drill out of sight for wire passage – they are very hard to find afterwards. For these reasons, we recommend professional installation.

The enclosure mounts with a single bolt through the inside of the enclosure, to a receiver we provide which bolts to an existing bracket.

Our harness includes a center-delete loop, which allows you to easily test our recommended “surround off, center delete” setup for the H/K audio package.

The Level One package sends 300 watts of continuous RMS power to a high-fidelity 10-inch subwoofer with integrated grille.


Additional information

Level One

300 watts for the subwoofer and around 50 watts per underseat woofer

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