E82 OE-Look Subwoofer Enclosure


Musicar OE-Look Subwoofer Enclosure for BMW E82 Coupe (1-Series, 1M)

Musicar’s OE-Look enclosures are the finest subwoofer enclosures available for your BMW.

  • Fiberglass walls are three times thicker than any other enclosure
  • The “OE-Look” upholstery has been hand-dyed to match your BMW trunk
  • As a Musicar design element, the woofer is recessed 19mm from the outer edge
  • All mounting hardware and wiring is included

Our corner-loading technique gets you added sub-bass performance compared to traditional “box-on-the-floor” enclosures. To get equivalent results with a “box”, you would need two woofers – and twice the power – to reach similar SPL levels.



Shipping is included within the lower 48 states. For shipments outside the lower 48, please contact us with your postal code and shipping address, thanks!

Application Notes

This enclosure does not fit the E88 convertible. 

It is prewired with 16/4 jacketed and insulated speaker wire. Unless otherwise requested, it will be wired for a single voice coil with dual 16-gauge leads, for a functional 12-gauge capability. The wrapped grille is optional, and does not fit all woofers. Woofers with an asterisk require a thicker spacer be used when the enclosure is assembled, so that the woofer sits a bit farther forward, and require a few more days of lead time.

This enclosure is validated to fit these drivers:

  • JL 10W1 v3
  • JL 10W3 v3
  • JL 10W6v3*
  • Audiofrog G10
  • Audiofrog GS10*
  • Audiofrog GB10*
  • Arc Audio Arc Series 10 (no grille solution off the shelf)
  • Morel Ultimo SC10
  • Image Dynamics ID10v3 (no grille solution off the shelf)

*Different spacer required during assembly – may have a few days longer lead time

The following woofers do NOT fit:

  • JL Audio 10W7
  • JL Audio 10TW1
  • JL Audio 10TW3
  • Image Dynamics IDQ10v3
  • Image Dynamics IDMAX

For any questions about fitment, please contact us via email, thanks!