F30/F80 OE-Look Subwoofer Enclosure


Musicar OE-Look Subwoofer Enclosure for BMW F30 3-Series, F80 M3 Sedans

Musicar’s OE-Look enclosures are the highest-performance subwoofer enclosures available for your BMW.

  • Triple-Thickness composite fiberglass walls – three times thicker than any other enclosure
  • Proper performance comes from appropriate interior volume and corner-loading
  • The “OE-Look” upholstery has been hand-dyed to match your BMW trunk
  • As a Musicar design element, the woofer is recessed 19mm from the outer edge
  • All mounting hardware and wiring is included

Our corner-loading technique gets you added sub-bass performance compared to traditional “box-on-the-floor” enclosures. To get equivalent results with a “box”, you would need two woofers – and twice the power – to reach similar SPL levels. Corner loading gets you 3-6dB at various frequencies, and you get only 3dB more by adding a second woofer, OR by doubling your amplifier power – so it’s a solid and material difference.




Application Notes

This enclosure does not fit the F34 3-Series GT or the F31 touring – F30 and F80 sedans only!

It is prewired with 16/4 jacketed and insulated speaker wire. Unless otherwise requested, it will be wired for a single voice coil with dual 16-gauge leads, for a functional 12-gauge capability.

The enclosure mounts with a single bolt through the inside of the enclosure, to a receiver we provide which bolts to an existing bracket.

This enclosure is validated to fit these drivers, which we recommend

  • JL 10W1 v3
  • JL 10W3 v3
  • JL Audio 10W6 v3 D2
  • Audiofrog G10
  • Audiofrog GS10
  • Audiofrog GB10
  • Arc Audio Arc Series 10 (no grille solution off the shelf)
  • Morel Ultimo SC10
  • Image Dynamics ID10v3 (no grille solution off the shelf)

The following woofers do NOT fit:

  • JL Audio 10W7
  • JL Audio 10TW1
  • JL Audio 10TW3
  • Image Dynamics IDQ10v3
  • Image Dynamics IDMAX

For any questions about fitment, please contact us via email, thanks!