July 19, 2017

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High-Performance Sound

You have a high-performance car – but your stock system isn’t up to that same level. High-fidelity systems have low distortion, low noise, a wide frequency response, and no significant peaks or dips within that response. Your music system needs clean power, well-behaved speakers, and the right signal. At Musicar, we address all three – for Guaranteed Performance. 


Stereo Done Right

Most musical recordings have encoded in them information to create, upon playback, the illusion of performers positioned on a stage in front of you. While several multichannel formats have tried to replace stereo sound, it has withstood all attempts to displace it as the dominant format for music listening. The market has spoken.

That said, most people haven’t heard stereo done right – especially in a car. The off-center seating position, the various speaker locations and angles, and the disparate surfaces in the cabin all combine to make great sound in a car a challenge – but one we overcome with proper use of acoustic tuning and processing.


Designed by Experts

Many car stereo “systems” are put together by well-meaning kids looking at an application list. Musicar systems are initially designed on paper, then validated and confirmed with in-vehicle testing and measurement. We don’t experiment on our customers.


Lease-Ready Install

Traditional audio systems are fitted to the vehicle in a pretty invasive manner. Wires are cut, openings are enlarged, panels are cut. Musicar Certified systems are different – our systems install using factory-match connectors and precision mounting adapters. We regularly install audio upgrades into leased vehicles and put the vehicle back to stock at the end of the lease term, without penalty.

Proven, Validated Applications

We don’t offer any upgrades just because they should work. We test everything, and only offer the best-performing options. If you want to know about the differences between one approach and another, ask us. We’ve heard everything out there. 


OE-Look Subwoofer Enclosures

Not everyone adds a trunk subwoofer – but if you did wouldn’t you want it to sound great and look like factory equipment? Musicar’s OE-Look Enclosures are included in our Add-A-Sub, Full Bass Upgrade, and Full-Cabin 4-way packages (as well as being available individually).

We offer Full Cabin, Full Bass, and Add-A-Sub system upgrades (not every type is available for every model). We offer various levels of performance – as you move up a level, there is a speaker upgrade, a power upgrade, a DSP upgrade, or some combination of the three.

Add-A-Sub upgrades add a subwoofer in an OE-Look Enclosure – and a subwoofer amp, all associated wiring, a plug-in integration harness, and everything needed for an installation other than tools.

Full-Bass packages also add a subwoofer, but  they also improve the performance of the underseat woofers – partially by powering them with better, cleaner power, partially by extending their midbass range to fill in missing notes, and partially by filtering out the sub-bass notes now assigned to the trunk subwoofer. These are the most musical way to improve the bass performance in HK systems.

Full Cabin systems upgrade at least the core 6 speakers (front tweeters, front midranges, and underseat woofers). These are oriented towards high-fidelity sound, not raw output. We value linearity, warmth, extended frequency response, dynamics and impact, and we especially value the stereo illusion. That means we get you a wide stereo stage, with a stereo image in the center of the windshield and in front.

Three-way systems get all their bass notes from the underseat 200mm woofers. Four-way systems add a true trunk subwoofer, and at the same time, band-pass filter the underseat signal, using the underseat woofers as dedicated midbass drivers. Four-way systems offer the ultimate in potential performance.

Our Full Cabin Systems are traditionally driver’s-seat optimized. We now offer Two-Seat Stereo with Dolby Pro Logic II for some vehicles – contact us for details.

If you need a solution you don’t see, or if you’re interested in learning more about the factory system in your car, send us the last 7 of your VIN and we will tell you which system you have – no need for guesswork. Also please let us know where you are geographically, and a bit about where your system comes up short for you.